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Five scintillating short stories from Dundee writer and stand-up comic Delia Gallagher. Brimming with energy, poignant, angry, outrageously coorse, and very funny. Gallagher is very definitely a name to watch.

The world was shocked and dismayed. Summits and conferences were called to deal with this information and whole nations decided to commit suicide. In the nations where the decision was left to the citizens, railway tracks became littered with people. The surrounds of tower blocks became piled high with bodies and the safety rails of bridges collapsed under the weight of people jumping from them. It was a terrible time of confusion
Delia Gallagher is 33 and lives and works in Dundee. She studied geography at Dundee University and has travelled wildly. She is the chairperson for Dundee's new literary magazine Riverrun and has recently begun performing stand up comedy, appearing in clubs throughout Scotland. This is her first published work.


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