As Far As I Can See, Eunice Buchanan



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Eunice Buchanan is a poet and prose writer, born and bred in Arbroath, who writes both in English and in the rich Angus Scots of her upbringing. Her work has been widely published and has received a number of awards. Now her first collection, full of humour, wit, sceptical inquiry and love of language itself, is published by Kettillonia.

The poet Tom Leonard says of As Far As I Can See: "An always intelligent and very Scottish sceptical curiosity is wed to an obstinate love of language and the world it describes in this late flowering of work from Eunice Buchanan ... This is the work of a woman who has something to report from, and to ask of, her time in the world; and she has done both with wonderful skill."


Canny noo

Forfochen noo the sea
efter this week's brulzie
blate as a cat by the fire
disna ken the meanin o cataclysm.

Nae mair flingin stanes, tearin lumps
oot o the gowf links or peltin
the shore wi dulse. Fitna soss!

A saft thrum an lick alang the cliff fuit
an a low grummle fae the rock's cleuch
tae mind ye - watch yer manners!


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