A Rising Fever



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In this meticulously crafted sequence Ian McDonough addresses the constant bombardment of words and information that we are all subjected to - and makes sense of it. Here, language is honed down to the bare essentials. Originally from Brora, Sutherland, Ian is now based in Edinburgh, where he is a leading light in the Shore Poets.


"Ian McDonough's pamphlet-length poem reveals the mind's meanderings under a high temperature. Through his precision of language the reader is aware of the speaker's surroundings: noises from adjoining flats, the weather, but also of internal contemplations. Fine work from a strong poet." [Chapman]





No snapping of taut ropes
Only a slipping of slack knots
As wallpaper laps
On the shores of my bed
And a different home heaves to.

Release, tugging like an orgasm,
Big as death,
Allows a flock of birds
To swim out of my head
And plunge past clouds
Of cast iron meaning,
Through the parchment floor.