Fae The Flouers o Evil: Baudelaire in Scots



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Twenty-three of Baudelaire's poems refashioned into Scots, a language which seems ideally suited for Baudelaire's dreich, dark images and startling flights of fantasy.



Melt (Yin)
(Pluviôse, irrité contre la ville entière

January, scunnered wi the haill damn toun,
Jaws muckle buckets fou o icy rains
On ma kirkyaird neebors, gash an sax fuit doun,
An poors oot daith on Wester Hailes and Grange.

The cat gaes scowkin ower the sclates an moans,
Seekin some neuk tae rest his mankit hide;
An oorie girnin makar haunts the rones;
Vexed, puir sowl, wi the nippin cauld ootside.

A bummer wails; in the fire a dour bit stick
Wheenges alang wi the auld knock's hoastin tick.
Meanwhile, in a creeshie, clartie pack -

The spaein cairds nae dout o some vile witch -
Jock o the Herts cleiks in wi the Black Shuil Bitch,
Ill-moothin their exes juist for a wee bit crack.

Translated by James Robertson


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