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This long poem on the final confrontation between God and sinner is generally regarded as Buchanan's masterpiece. A terrifying and dramatic vision of eternal punishment, it is printed here in full, in dual Gaelic and Scots texts: a publishing first. Dugald Buchanan (1716-68) was born in Strathyre, and became an evangelical itinerant preacher and later a teacher at Kinloch Rannoch. "A fine poet, an eloquent man, and mighty in the Scriptures", he left only a handful of poems, which were published the year before his death.


"James Robertson's stirring translation into Scots of the work of an 18th-century Gaelic poet tormented by visions of hellfire and damnation. Buchanan's Apocalypse offers little hope for "murtherers, bevvy-merchants,/An aw that hure an curse an thieve", but this bilingual pamphlet gives him a welcome resurrection." - Andrew Crumey, Scotland on Sunday.

"A wonderful contribution to our literature, revivalistic and futuristic at the same time." - Angus Calder.


La a' Bhreiteanais

The Day o' Judgment

AM FEADH ta chuid as mo de'n t-saogh'l
Gun ghaol do Chriosd, gun sgoinn d'a reachd,
Gun chreideamh ac' gu'n tig e ris
Thoirt breith na firinn air gach neach.An cadal peacaidh taid 'nan suain
A' bruadar pailteis de gach ni,
Gun umhail ac' 'n uair thig am bas,
Nach meal iad Parra o'n ard Righ.

MAIST FOWK hae, while in this warld,
Nae luve for Christ, nae lug for his law;
Mair, they misdout he will return
tae judge them truly yin an aw.

Dozent in sinnin sleep they dream,
Their heids ram-fou wi wealth an vice;
Nae thocht that at the warld's ootgang
They'll be debarred frae Paradise.